EcoBoomer iGO: Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

EcoBoomer iGO: Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Posted May 21, 2013 at 3:09pm
by Yoav Levytam
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The EcoBoomer iGO is a self-balancing electric unicycle that has unicycle enthusiasts flooding blogs and social media outlets about this mind-blowing new electric human transporter and racing to be the first to ride one. Now, you don’t have to be skilled or balanced enough to ride a unicycle, because the EcoBoomer iGO does all the work for you.

This sleek addition to the EcoBoomer line of electric human transporters is eco-cool at its best…modern Italian design, classic color options, and comfort, all in one. Not to mention, EcoBoomer iGo tops out at a fast 13MPH, so you can commute, ride about campus, or take in a day of sightseeing, with a range of 19 miles. The lithium ion battery included with the EcoBoomer iGO charges up in no time.

With zero emissions and an MPG rating over 400, you can contribute to saving the environment, AND save those time-wasting trips to the gas station! This personal electric human transporter has a quiet motor for ease of use in the city, suburban, or rural areas. The eco-friendly EcoBoomer iGO saves on average 11,000 pounds of pollutants every year, which is that of the average car.

● Max Speed: 21km/h or 13mph
● Max Range: 30km or 19 miles
● Charge Time: 3 hours
● Net Weight: 26kg or 57lbs
● Max Load: 115kg or 250lbs
● Motor Power: 500W
● Battery LiFePO4 (lithium-ion) 48V8Ah
● Custom International Charger – 2A charger 100-240 VAC

● Height 60cm or 24cm
● Width: (pedals unfolded) 30cm or 12in
● Width: (pedals folded) 40cm or 16in

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