Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case

Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case

Posted May 17, 2013 at 4:56pm
by Yoav
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Exceptional Products For Exceptional Yards. Great yards demand equipment that's as dedicated and hardworking as you. The Husqvarna 100 00 01-07 Powerbox Carrying Case fits all Husqvarna saws from 136 up to and including the 372XP. The Husqvarna Powerbox Carrying Case has a tool chest design, is stackable, comes with a 20" scabbard, has a leash' to stabilize smaller saws, has replaceable handles and latches, and a heavy duty 'piano hinge'.

The Husqvarna Powerbox is designed to hold, but does not include: quart bar & chain oil, 6.4 oz. 2 cycle oil, file handle with flat file, file handle with round file, scrench, spark Plug, combination file guide, logger's filing vise, and an operator's manual.

● Powerbox carrying case
● Fits all Husqvarna chain saws up to and including the 372xp and 575xp; stackable
● Holds Husqvarnas exclusive filing equipment, filing vise, scrench, spark plug, 2 -cycle oil, bar and chain oil and operators manual
● Exclusive husky leash system for a secure fit and to protect the saw
● Comes standard with an 18-inches to 20-inches scabbard

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