Kinova MICO: An Affordable Robotic Arm

Kinova MICO: An Affordable Robotic Arm

Posted July 11, 2013 at 9:43pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Kinova, a provider of lightweight manipulation platforms has announced that their new robotic arm MICO is now available for pre-order. The little brother of JACO, Kinova’s flagship product for the past 3 years, is perpetuating the trendsetting features set by the company.

“We’ve been listening carefully to the robotics community for the past two years about their needs and frustrations on the current robotic manipulators offer,” said François Boucher, chief business development officer at Kinova. “MICO is now giving the opportunity to a wider range of roboticists to bring further the developments in personal robotics by offering a complete solution at a much lower price.”

MICO is allowing developers to be more creative than ever.

With its unique modular design, the lightweight manipulator is the perfect fit for a multitude of applications in personal robotics, especially in mobile manipulation.

● Plug & Play
● Open API (Windows, Linux, ROS)
● Complete set of sensors, including torque and acceleration on every actuator
● Modular, Lightweight and compact design
● Unlimited rotations
● Low power consumption
● Weatherproof
● Underactuated fingers

MICO will be available worldwide beginning Fall 2013

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