StyleShoots Complete Photo Studio

StyleShoots Complete Photo Studio

Posted July 18, 2013 at 6:36pm
by Yoav Levytam
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StyleShoots is a complete photo studio for fashion e-commerce. Photograph your products and get them online in a flash. Automatically cut out your product in seconds. Export images for your website in no time. Easy, simple, fast.

Fashion companies around the world use StyleShoots as their in-house photo studio. By keeping e-commerce photography in-house, costs and time are cut to a fraction of outsourcing. Users include Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger and Perry Ellis.

Everything you need is built right in. Canon 5DmkII camera. Bowens daylight lamps. Glass LED backlight. Internal Mac powerhouse. Custom electronics. Clever software. And an iPad to control it all.

StyleShoots is super easy to use. With iPad in hand, you see what you're doing live. Tap the photo button and the system does the rest. It switches the backlight on and off. Takes multiple pictures. Analyzes every pixel. And perfectly cuts out your product.

Does your website need a thumbnail and a large version of each photo? No problem. StyleShoots exports in custom sizes, qualities and formats. Automatically. High quality pictures ready for your website in seconds. Without needing a photographer or retoucher. It's a revolution in e-commerce photography.

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