Heckler Design WindFall Cash Drawer for iPad

Heckler Design WindFall Cash Drawer for iPad

Posted August 8, 2013 at 1:27am
by Desire This
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Heckler Design has introduced a stylish, modern alternative to the bulky, commonplace cash drawers currently available for tablet-based point-of-sale systems. The new Heckler Design WindFall Cash Drawer offers the smallest footprint and sleekest design of any cash drawer on the market today.

The new drawer will be available to purchase through ShopKeep POS, a launch partner for the WindFall Cash Drawer. Made in the USA, it features heavy steel construction, an automatic drawer, innovative till layout, integrated mounting options, and compatibility with a variety of currencies. The drawer also integrates seamlessly with the WindFall stand for iPad, complete with secure mounting and cable management. WindFall Cash Drawer is a part of the WindFall Modern Shop Hardware collection by Heckler Design. It will be available in black grey, grey white, bright red, and hand-polished stainless steel.

"The sheer size of the conventional cash register made them more of a barrier between the shop owner and customer and limited the ability to have a personal checkout experience," said Dean Heckler, founder of Heckler Design. "The WindFall Cash Drawer was designed to free up counter space, serve as a conversation piece, and deliver the best checkout experience possible. Now there is a sleek, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional register."

This fall, in addition to its WindFall Modern Shop Hardware bundle, Heckler Design will offer a complete bundle for next-generation iPad-based point-of-sale, which will include the newly released Star Micronics DK-AirCash and Star Micronics receipt printers.

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