Spy Doom Goggles

Spy Doom Goggles

Posted November 7, 2013 at 5:44pm
by Yoav
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Within darkness there is light. The Doom's Locksteady fingerprint free quick-change lens system is your only hope for protection against the everchanging elements of mother nature. A free mirrored bonus lens helps you see better in all conditions. You can switch your lenses as many times as you want with the Spy Doom Goggles. All you do is press a button and the entire lens quickly pops out. This means you can actually change your lens on the chairlift as soon as the light conditions change.

The Doom Goggles have a wide range of vision and spherical lens for a clear view all the way up to the edges. Built in anti fogging helps keep vision clear so you can see the line ahead.

● Features the Locksteady fingerprint free quick-change lens system
● Custom built from flexible polyurethane frame
● Anti-Fog 6 base ARC spherical dual lens system with anti scratch protection
● Free mirrored bonus lens
● Triple layer isotron face foam with moisture wicking dri force fleece

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