The Original Clamp Lamp by Plant & Moss

The Original Clamp Lamp by Plant & Moss

Posted November 20, 2013 at 6:27pm
by Yoav
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Plant & Moss is a creative industrial design studio. They work with collaborators, manufacturers and also have their own collection. Plant & Moss creates design solutions that are fun, interesting, practical and sometimes unusual. Mixing traditional with contemporary thought, they seek to design for longevity through narrative, interaction and material exploration.

Clamp Lamp is a distinguishing, lasting industrial style design, made in Britain by Plant & Moss. It's unique design and style allow it to be clamped to almost any surface. With the height of 70cm and length of 84 cm you can get light just about anywhere, just clamp it to a side table, over your bed or to some shelves.

Clamp Lamp is available in various shades in spun polished aluminium, pleated or plain fabric. The clamps come in red, or made-to-order in brass, copper and chrome and many other colors on request.

● 240v / 11w SES energy efficient lamp.
● Scalable design.
● Available as chandelier, wall mounted and corner variation.
● Impacting feature piece.

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