Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Posted February 3, 2014 at 4:00am
by Yoav
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Skydrop, Simple, intuitive, friendly…three easy steps and you’re ready to start watering your landscape with the most effective, intelligent and accessible sprinkler controller made.

“At Skydrop we believe that great products simplify your life. Hidden under an incredibly simple to use interface is powerful technology that determines when your landscape requires watering,” said Clark Endrizzi, co-founder of Skydrop. He notes that most consumers don’t know how much water their landscape requires, and shouldn’t have to.

“Our controller has a revolutionary design that makes our product offering completely unique,” said Bret Cloward, co-founder.

With water becoming more scarce and expensive, the demand for efficient watering devices is exploding. Skydrops powerful cloud service interprets hyperlocal, real-time weather data to intelligently water your landscape. Fused with premium software and hardware, Skydrop saves you water, time and money.

Skydrop has apps for iOS and Android allowing remote capability. Skydrop will be available for purchase Spring 2014 for $299.00.

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