Sky Yacht Joyboat

Sky Yacht Joyboat

Posted February 3, 2014 at 7:34pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Joyboat is a modern and independent yacht line designed and developed in order minimize the resistance of hull and, as a consequence, to maximize sailing time. Well-thought ergonomics of the yacht makes it possible to enjoy complete relaxation and rest while admiring the beauty of nature. Lack of noisy combustion engines that are harmful to health enables us to sail in places, such as nature reserves and zones of silence, etc., which have been unavailable for such vessels so far.

Two electric engines powered with batteries work for approximately 8 hours at the average speed. Extremely easy innovative steering with the use of a joystick. Full data visualization on a 7'' touch-screen (optionally, 10''). The computer gives information on the current course and speed.

Joyaboat is a modern, intelligent electric yacht designed for rental companies, as well as demanding individual clients.

Technical Specs
Lenght overall (LOA): 4,28 m
Waterline length: 3,90 m
Beam: 2,17 m
Waterline width: 1,94 m
Depth: 1,16 m
Draft: 0,34 m
Displacement tonnage: 760 kg
Total weight: 390 kg
Sailing time: 8h
Crew: 1-6 persons

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