iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock

iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock

Posted March 3, 2014 at 10:13pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Designed for indoor use only. iFingerLock fingerprint Padlock is a user friendly anti-theft security padlock, which can accommodate up to 10 fingerprints to be directly managed on the lock. iFingerLock fingerprint Padlock gives you the freedom not to worry about lost, stolen or forgotten keys anymore. Just using fingerprint verification to effortless identify that the rightful, authorized you claim to be! It eliminates both keys and combination codes in conventional locks.

Each lock is supplied with its unique and matching USB key for managing stored fingerprints (no computer needed) for another extra layer of security. It is great for 1) school locker, gym locker, gun cabinet; 2) apartment and condo; 3) guests, renters, landlords and realtors; 4) medical offices, law offices and liquor stores; 5) warehouse, factory and logistics; 6) an excellent way to comply with HIPAA requirement and secure your file cabinet.

● Your fingers are your keys! Just slide your finger to unlock instantly! Never worry about lost, stolen or forgotten keys anymore. Semiconductor slide sensor-based fingerprints or biometrics recognition technology.
● Super large 10-fingerprint storage, allowing up to 10 users to use the lock (one administrator and another 9 persons). No computer needed.
● Indoor use only. Powered by 2 AAA batteries. The lock retains all stored fingerprints even out of battery. Zinc alloy body and stainless steel shackle.
● Prompt low battery warning. No worry of drained batteries.
● Avoid costly rekeying or changing locks. Granting temporary access for specific users (employees or guests) that can be changed any time.

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