Aryca Floating Lanyard

Aryca Floating Lanyard

Posted May 30, 2014 at 3:01pm
by Yoav
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The Aryca Floating Lanyard prevents your waterproofcase with smartphone from sinking! The extremely functional and comfortable floating lanyard uses flexible tubing to provide float protection and make your iPhone float. This makes a great pair to you already have the Aryca waterproof case.

The Aryca Floating Lanyard fits most water proof cases for handheld devices such as cell phones, smartphones, Apple iPhones, digital cameras, GPS units, PDAs and more. An added measure of protection since it will add buoyancy and the bright yellow color makes retrieval of your device that much easier.

Padded for comfort as well. Use the Aryca Floating Lanyard as a wrist strap and to hang your device for convenient use.
If your phone is dropped in water it will float. Don't be afraid of making videos while Surfing, Jet Skiing, rafting or tubing.

● Padded wrist strap fits most portable electronic devices
● Add buoyancy for floatation
● Bright yellow color
● Great for cell phones and digital cameras
● Easy to attach

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