CODLIGHT cPulse Smart LED Lighting Case for Smartphones

CODLIGHT cPulse Smart LED Lighting Case for Smartphones

Posted July 18, 2014 at 4:06pm
by Yoav Levytam
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CODLIGHT cPulse is a Smart LED Lighting Case for Android Smartphones currently on Kickstarter. With this smart, social, sleek and interactive smartphone case cPulse reinvents the way we interact with lighting. Moreover, cPulse is the very first versatile consumer electronics product printed in 3D.

Imagine that any mobile transforms into a smart source of infinite visuals, a dazzling lighting experience, and turns the classical handheld into an unparalleled communication tool made of sound and light. Imagine you communicate through immensely variable lighting effects and visuals. And what would you say if you could create your own customized cPulse lighting case printed in 3D and delivered to your doorstep - and order a new case each time you change your Smartphone, reusing your lighting system, all thanks to 3D printing. The first electronics device that lead the end of planned obsolescence movement. Lighting has never been as creative, smart, social and mobile!

What is cPulse exactly?
cPulse consists of an edge-to-edge case and a 128 LED panel. It is the very first mass-market consumer electronics product manufactured with an adaptable and replaceable 3D printed case thanks to and cPulse is a versatile new means of communication whose capabilities go far beyond the boundaries of its protective shell: It is the first product of its kind to integrate both an electronic hardware and a flexible mechanical part, which adapts to any Android smartphone from version 4.4 thanks to the 3D printing technology.

How does cPulse work?
The low-consumption LED lighting system is application controlled and equipped with an embedded 128 LED panel (10x more lighting compare to a LCD Smartphone display) powered by an ambilight sensor for high intensity and a colourful visual experience. CODLIGHT developed a hinge similar to the ones used for display rotation in some camcorders and digital cameras to position and maintain the LED panel and quickly access the Smartphone display. cPulse uses ultra-low power components to ensure the best luminous efficiency while minimizing the impact on the battery (1h of lighting for 7% of battery consumption). Communication and power feeding is done through a micro-USB port between the Smartphone and cPulse.

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