Funnell All in One Waterproof Jacket and Backpack

Funnell All in One Waterproof Jacket and Backpack

Posted August 12, 2014 at 3:48pm
by Yoav
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Have you ever been stuck in the rain with no jacket or no umbrella? Well if so then you might be interested in the Funnell all in one waterproof jacket and backpack by Restless Travellers. The waterproof backpack features a quick release jacket, just by pulling a string.

Funnell evolved over the years from the need to stay dry in unexpected rainstorms while being active. A backpack with a quick and easy mechanism to pull out a built-in jacket was the solution. In addition the jacket covers the backpack so that you and your belongings stay dry and in style.

Currently the patent pending backpack is being launched though a Kickstarter campaign by Restless Travellers. The backpack comes in three models, Funnel Sport, Funnel City and Funnel Extreme. Please click on the buy link below for more information.

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