iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale

iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale

Posted September 12, 2014 at 7:37pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Don't be fooled by its cool design - the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale is a workhorse. Measure, track, and share nine different characteristics of your body composition using the free iHealth mobile app. You can use it online or off. And the Wireless Body Analysis scale supports up to 20 users, so go ahead, compare your muscle mass with the whole family.

How It Works
iHealth Wireless Body Analysis uses four electronic sensors, as well as a set of proprietary algorithms to measure body composition. By standing still on these sensors with bare feet, the scale can accurately measure nine different body components. Data is displayed on the scale, and automatically sent wirelessly to the iHealth MyVitals app, which has personalized health tools to help you get the most out of your data and to better manage your health goal. The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale measures body weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, daily calorie intake (DCI), and visceral fat rating. The iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale is a FDA and CE approved device. It meets the rigorous accuracy standards set by the governing bodies in the USA and Europe.

iHealth MyVitals App Lets You Do More
The free integrated MyVitals mobile app brings all iHealth products to life. Once you've downloaded it from the App Store, you can customize it for the products you use. iHealth makes it easy to set goals, track your progress, and get inspired to manage your personal health in a more hands-on way, wherever you go.

Keep It In The Cloud
The iHealth app comes with an online cloud service, where all of your data is backed up and stored securely. Log in to the app from any device and access everything, regardless of where you first recorded it. Weight, blood pressure, diet, physical activities - they're all aspects of your personal health and they're all interconnected, so iHealth decided its mobile app should follow suit. No matter which products you're using, you can share results instantly to friends, family, even your doctor. The app also lets you track multiple users across different devices.

● Measure weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body water,
daily calorie intake, body mass index, and visceral fat rating
● Set goals and reminders, view trends, and organize records
● Share your results instantly with friends, family or your doctor.
● Log calories and daily activities

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mustapha - April 16, 2018 at 7:19pm
This is a really nice scale. The setup wasn't too bad, but what wasn't clear is that it cannot connect to the newer higher speed 5GHz networks. There's nothing that tells you this in the setup - only when you go online to Troubleshooting. So I spent a good amount of time resetting, retrying, etc. before I went online and found out that I need to select the 2.5GHz network in order for the device to connect. Post that, it works great, it's cool looking and seems accurate. I have mine also integrated with the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone and that works seamlessly as well. Wellmade Remedies
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HayesMorgan - March 6, 2018 at 11:02am
I bought the iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale recently and it helped me manage my weight better. That, coupled with the schedule http://mynydiet.com/2018/03/03/what-is-ediets/ had set for me for eating, I lost plenty of mass.
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