Notion Smart Sensor

Notion Smart Sensor

Posted October 3, 2014 at 3:59pm
by Yoav
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Notion, currently in the Techstars Boulder accelerator program, is changing everything you thought possible about home monitoring and security. Their initial product turns any home not just into a smart home, but into a home that is truly intelligent. Notion recently launched its Kickstarter campaign that will allow customers to purchase the product at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Using a single sensor packed full of unique sensor technologies, Notion can detect hundreds of different household events like if your water heater leaks, if your garage door is left open, if a liquor or gun cabinet is opened, or if the lights are left on in the living room. This small, extremely smart, multi-function sensor can easily be placed anywhere. Notion can be moved to new locations at any time, and is capable of detecting acceleration, water leaks, temperature, sound, natural frequency and much more.

This clever device, developed by Ryan Margoles and Brett Jurgens, sends alerts directly to a phone, tablet, or computer via email, text, or push notification. Alerts can also be sent directly to family members, friends, or neighbors who the user trusts to ensure critical events are not left unattended to. Notion gets smarter over time as it starts to recognize how you live your life. The system is smart enough to know who has entered a home and knows when to send and not send alerts.Weather and calendar data can also be integrated into a Notion system to ensure customers are receiving only important alerts.

Techstars Founder, David Cohen, said:
“The internet of things space is early in its development. User experience has to be a bigger focus for companies if they want to compete. Many existing products send messages for everything they detect. They aren’t actually smart. We have a company in Techstars right now called Notion that’s solving these problems with some really innovative hardware and software solutions. I can’t wait to get their product!”

Notion’s team is made up of seasoned home automation and sensor experts that have built many complex products and software applications. In tandem with the Notion sensors, they will release an API that will be available to anyone who wishes to connect other devices to Notion’s system, or who are interested in building web applications to leverage Notion’s highly useful data.

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