48% Off Bosch 265-Feet Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

48% Off Bosch 265-Feet Li-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

by Yoav
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Bosch’s GLM 80 Laser Distance and Angle Measure is the advanced technological answer to making simple yet accurate measurements. With several measurement modes and features that make it both compact and user friendly, the GLM 80 makes it easier than ever to calculate distance, area, volume, or angles quickly and with precision.

Bosch maximizes versatility with the GLM 80, which is equipped to operate in multiple measurement modes depending on user needs. Indirect length measurement mode provides users the ability to determine inaccessible distances that are obstructed by objects or that lack a reflecting surface by applying the Pythagorean theorem. The minimum/maximum measurement mode comes in handy when evaluating the shortest and longest distances from a fixed point, making it ideal for use when measuring plumb lines (minimum) and diagonals (maximum). Its multi-surface area mode determines the total area of numerous separate surfaces with a shared length or height.

Built-In Tilt Sensor
The GLM 80’s built-in tilt sensor adds another dimension of accuracy by calculating 360 angles in two-axes, meaning that it works accurately both horizontally and vertically. And between the tilt-screen technology (the display turns when the GLM 80 is turned more than 75 degrees and is also legible upside down) and the large backlit four-dot matrix screen, the GLM 80 provides optimal viewing in all directions.

Functions & Features
It automatically stores the last 20 measurements (both distance and angle) in its memory, including the individual measurements that add up to the result and the combinations thereof. And if one particular assessment needs to be permanently stored, users have the option to save it as a constant. Rechargeable via a standard micro-USB port, the integrated lithium-ion battery allows users to make up to 25,000 measurements per single charge.

User-Friendly Design
The GLM 80’s ergonomic design features four flat surfaces for the most comfortable fit in pockets or work belts, and its integrated lithium-ion battery makes its profile even more compact. Its tough design makes it drop-resistant up to three feet, and it’s protected against dust and water (IP 54).

● Two-axes 90-degree tilt sensor enables indirect measurements with one click of a button
● Lithium-ion battery allows up to 25,000 measurements per charge
● Backlit display with tilt-screen technology - offers easy viewing in all directions
● Measures distance up to 265 ft. with up to 1/16" accuracy
Includes: Bosch GLM 80 laser distance and angle measurer, one lithium-ion battery, one charger, and one belt pouch.

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