Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Carbon Bicycle

Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Carbon Bicycle

Posted October 24, 2014 at 6:13pm
by Yoav Levytam
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The development of the Rogue C6 emerged after David Lupafya noticed how difficult it was to find a bicycle on the market that provided a lightweight, efficient machine to commute, tour, or leisurely ride with with family; at a price point that would not break the bank. As an avid biker and engineer, with an eye for detail and style, David set out to design and manufacture the exact bicycle he was searching for; an extremely reliable, technically advanced machine, comprised of the highest quality components. The result of that is the Rogue C6 Intelligent Lightweight Hybrid Urban Carbon Bicycle.

The components sourced come from the same manufacturers as all of the other major bicycle companies. However several steps have been removed in the supply-chain unnecessary for a small company. This allows the Rogue C6 to be sold for the significantly reduced price of $1,950 rather than $4,000.

● Built-in LED (Light Emitting Diodes) intelligent lights are integrated seamlessly into custom handlebars and seat post for a versatile waterproof system that continually monitors motion, orientation and light.
● Integrated Location Based Services with fully-featured applications that provide GPS driven, maps, speed, cadence, distance, time, hill slope, elevation, elevation gained.
● Track your bike (via SMS) from anywhere in the world, receive the coordinates of your bike and a Google Maps link to its location within 30 seconds of tracking.

● Custom 700c (2-in-1) wheel-set that can run either tubular or clincher tires, designed for use in urban environments.
● Proprietary combination of High Modulus Unidirectional and 3k woven carbon fiber frame and fork with a strength ratio 7.5 times stronger than standard steel weighing only 3.9 lbs.

● Durable oil free, quite Gates Drive, mated to a Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub that has ratios equivalent to the gears on a 12 – 38 tooth cassette.
● Reliable Shimano Alfine group set, comprised of shifter, hydraulic disc brakes, pedals and hubs, to compliment the Alfine 8-speed gearing system.
● Dual platform SPD (Shimano Pedaling Device), giving the rider the option of cycling cleats or normal shoes.

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