Kaufmann Mercantile Leather iPad Mini Sleeve

Kaufmann Mercantile Leather iPad Mini Sleeve

Posted November 24, 2014 at 7:44pm
by Yoav Levytam
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The sleek design of a tablet makes you want to show it off. But even the iPad mini, with its thin and light design, ultrafast wireless and LED backlit display, is not impervious to scratches and scruffs. Sleeve cases like this one are made to protect your iPad inside another bag, such as a backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag, without inhibiting what else you can carry around.

Unlike cases and sleeves made of polyurethane and plywood, this rich, lustrous handmade leather case won't crack or break, and yet despite its softness still resists the outer forces that may otherwise wreak havoc on a glass screen. To top it off, the simple design, cut from a single piece of leather, has been stitched and scrutinized to exacting proportions using 100% vegetable tanned Horween leather. The top of the sleeve simply folds down and slides into a cross strap to keep your tablet secure. It's an elegant carrier made for the protective techie with an eye for the aesthetic.

Use & Care
Patina, at least in my mind, is something that is produced by age and the level of care. How much sun the leather receives, how often it is polished, the climate, and an array of other factors will affect how your leather will wear over time.

The natural life of leather includes the development of color changes and scars. Efforts should only be made to clean the leather if it looks dirty—otherwise, it shouldn't need much care. If something is spilled on the sleeve, it should wick right off with a soft wetted cloth.

Production & Design
The leather for these sleeves is produced by Chicago's Horween Leather Company, founded in 1905 and one of the oldest continuously running tanneries in the US. The leather is selected by the tannery's head grader, a man with 40 years of experience. In the studio, only a few dozen of these sleeves are made at a time by a small team of artisans, not punched out in a factory.

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