Point Smart House Sitter

Point Smart House Sitter

Posted November 24, 2014 at 4:13pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Hardware startup Form is introducing Point – a softer approach to home security. Point is a smart house sitter that tells you if anything is wrong at home. Instead of relying on cameras, Point listens to your home and senses what’s in the air. It combines a wide array of sensor data into information people understand and care about. Point can tell you about events like windows breaking, the presence of smoke, alarms going off or guests arriving.

“We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign and are excited to show Point to the world,” said Nils Mattisson, Founder and CEO of Form. “Peace of mind when you’re away from home shouldn’t have to mean cameras at the dinner table.”

While Point takes a light-weight approach to security, it’s not light on features. It connects to the Internet over wifi, allowing you to stay in touch with your home wherever you are. Point listens for ambient sounds, senses particles in the air and informs you of important events happening at home. Point is small, unbranded and in Scandinavian tradition designed to blend into any home anywhere. It is available for pre-order on Kickstarter today for $79 with worldwide shipping expected this summer.

Point can be set to respond to events according to your own rules. It can light up if there is a loud noise at night or remind guests to be respectful to neighbours by glowing yellow if the sound levels are too high late at night.

Today security systems often involve cameras—compromising the feeling of home. They are complex, often requiring daily interaction. Point is different. It respects privacy and requires no attention except the annual change of batteries. It’s designed to lift worries of our shoulders instead of adding to the list.

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