GeChic On-Lap 2501C HD LCD Portable Monitor

GeChic On-Lap 2501C HD LCD Portable Monitor

Posted January 1, 2015 at 2:35pm
by Yoav Levytam
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This easy-to-carry On-Lap 2501C portable monitor is the most suitable companion for your mobile fashion life. Suitable to connect to laptop, game console, smartphone or digital camera, you can enjoy the comfort of an enlarged screen or the convenience of dual monitors.

Best Monitor for Laptop Screen Extension
Traditional monitors need to find power outlet to connect in order to use, not convenient when traveling outside. On-Lap 2501C supports USB power supply, offers the same resolution and similar height as laptops. 2501C provides the best application for adopting dual monitor with laptops. With just the right size and instant plug and play design, you can expand the screen however you wish!

Smart Stand Cover Design
On-Lap 2501C has a Smart Cover Stand. Cover closed can protect the screen when taken outdoors. Cover opened can be used as a stand in a second.

Set a Small Laptop with mini PC
There are many mini PCs with Android or Linux OS on the market. Not only you can plug these mini PCs to huge LCD-TV, but also can you set a small workstation by connecting to On Lap 2501C. Export the video image and audio via HDMI port, combine Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and then you get a 15.6”portable workstation wherever you go.

A Portable Monitor for Instant Sharing
Share pictures of children's smile and videos of children with others. Place On-Lap 2501C on table, use smartphone or digital camera to easily show the joyful moments. This important moment of sharing can only be brought to you by On-Lap 2501C.

Good Companion of Game Console
While going out for a trip, you don't need to be apart from your game consoles anymore. Bring On-Lap 2501C along during long distance trips, and maximize the pleasure. Use with smartphone for e-reading and search destinations. Use with PS3 or Xbox 360 to watch videos or play games. You can enjoy the game console wherever you like.

● HD USB-Powered Portable Monitor, Bulit-In Speakers
● Real Video Input, HDMI, VGA (optional cable required), Comes with Audiojack
● Plug & Play (No driver installation needed)
● Smart Cover Stand
● Weighs 1029 g (2.27lbs with cover), 1.28 cm thin

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