WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO Wine Case

WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO Wine Case

Posted January 26, 2015 at 5:47pm
by Yoav Levytam
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WineCruzer is the preferred wine carrier when flying with vintage wines, and is the topic of conversation at wineries and tasting events. Safeguarding and storing wine is the rallying cry for connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts who wish to avoid ultraviolet (UV) ray damage, heat spoilage, contamination and breakage. The new WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO is a bona fide mobile wine cellar that sets new standards with advanced cushioning, thermal insulation and a revolutionary bottle tray design.

In the past, stringent Transportation Security Administration (TSA) transport and shipping regulations stifled some wine lovers from traveling with their best and brightest. Not any more. The WineCruzer 8 PRO complies with all rules that pertain to alcohol. The carrying case has earned an ATA 300 rating and has been tested to regulate variations in temperature so that wine remains chilled throughout long travel – even at altitudes of 30,000 feet.

“Simply wrapping most precious wine bottles with bubble wrap or clothes and ‘safely’ placing it in luggage doesn’t cut it for those who truly care about their wines. Many environmental factors can affect the age and taste of wine and why put wine at risk, especially if it’s a luxury? But the number one thing to avoid is bottle breakage,” says Tatiana Briceno, CaseCruzer marketing director.

The mobile mini-wine cellar is made of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and is fitted with a pull handle and embedded wheels for quick maneuvering. It is water and dust tight, resistant to corrosion and impact damage and includes an automatic pressure release valve. The carrying case also is resistant to UV rays, solvents and fungi. A molded-in hinge, trigger-release latch system makes access and lock down fast and easy. Snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handles make lifting comfortable and safe. The exterior dimensions of this premiere airline check-in case are 21.77" L x 17.77" W x 11.49" H.

The innovative wine carrier is designed with an upper and lower tray system. Each level can store up to four bottles and is fitted with a multi-layered thermal insulated cushion. When top tray is removed from the carrier, wine travelers can access bottles in the lower tray. All bottles are snugly secured in thermal-cushioned cavities to guard against shock, sudden impact, and vibration from air turbulence or hard landings.

Furthermore, even for a short trip, wine is best stored in a dark place because light will age wine. Clear bottles are especially prone to UV ray damage. These harmful rays – a form of energy traveling through space – may alter wine tannins which are responsible for the aroma, taste, and structure of good wine.

Fear not. When up in the air or on land, think WineCruzer.

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