Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Posted January 28, 2015 at 2:30pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Take your meditation and yoga practice to the next level with Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is a tool to enhance your wellness by helping you to train your brain. It’s designed to build on the healthy body and mind you are already working on by providing you with real-time feedback during daily guided training sessions as short as 3 minutes a day, any time any where.

Calm & Focus You Can Feel
Reduce stress, focus the mind and boost concentration. Do you feel like you just can’t “shut off” your thoughts? Muse can help by guiding you through a series of focused-attention exercises with the Calm app, while providing you with real-time feedback to help you understand how well you are maintaining your focus. Improving this skill will help you reduce anxiety and stress, focus the mind, boost concentration and productivity, and increase your composure in stressful times.

How Muse Works
Your brain generates constant electrical impulses when you’re thinking, sleeping or even relaxing. These impulses can be detected from outside your head. Muse uses brain sensing technology that doctors and scientists have employed for more than a century. This technology allows Muse to detect your brain signals from outside your body the same way a heart monitor measures your pulse. Muse then gives you a steady flow of feedback on your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

How to Get Started
Pair your device to Muse via Bluetooth; you only have to do this once. Download and launch the Calm App (Available on the Amazon Appstore, Kindle App Store, Apple App Store or Google Play Store). The orientation video will help you fit your Muse to get the best results. Close your eyes and listen to Muse guide you through a peaceful focused-attention session. As you do the exercises you hear the sounds of the beach with waves lapping on the sand and an ocean breeze blowing. This sound reflects the state of your brain from moment to moment. If the sounds are peaceful and quiet then your mind is calm and focused. If the sounds are louder and more intense then your mind is wandering and distracted. Learn to keep the winds calm and you are learning to keep your mind calm. After each session, open your eyes and see the results on your device’s screen. You can see your session results as well as previous results so you can track your progress.

● A brain training tool designed to help reduce stress and anxiety in just 3 minutes a day
● Muse uses sensors to detect and measure your brain signals from outside your body the same way a heart monitor measures your heart rate
● Real-time audio and visual feedback plus long-term tracking so you can monitor your progress
● Guided training sessions designed to build the skill of focused attention to help manage stress
● Portable - works with smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth

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