Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks

Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks

Posted January 28, 2015 at 6:57pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Introducing Sensoria Smart Socks. Sensoria Smart Socks utilize novel textile sensors to detect activity type and impact forces. The data from the sock is transmitted through a featherweight, detachable anklet via Bluetooth Smart to smartphones running the Sensoria Fitness mobile application. The detachable anklet delivers not only superior accuracy in step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance tracking, but goes well beyond that to track cadence, foot landing technique as you walk and run.

The Sensoria technology accurately monitors data important to runners including cadence and foot landing technique that play a crucial role in reducing impact forces. The mobile application analyzes this data and provides intuitive audio and visual feedback to runners during their running sessions. For the first time, runners gain real-time feedback to help adjust running form, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Sensoria may help you identify injury-prone running styles (heel striking, ball striking, etc), then leverages a mobile app to coach the runner in real-time via audio cues. The Sensoria dashboard can also help achieve goals, improve performance and reduce risk of gravitating back to bad tendencies.

● Cadence Metronome
● Foot Landing Gauge
● Stride Analyzer

HayesMorgan - July 29, 2018 at 10:40am
I feel that these Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks are really high-tech and helpful. I'll get a Knee brace for myself and I'm sure that it would truly turn out to be fantastic. You should check it out.
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HayesMorgan - May 4, 2018 at 2:21pm
Wow, These Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks are looking so amazing, I have to get a pair for myself and chris too, I am in love with the new sensor technology and the textile sensors to detect activity type,
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