Olympus Air A01

Olympus Air A01

Posted February 24, 2015 at 4:47pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Olympus Imaging recently announced the Olympus Air A01, scheduled to go on sale from March 6, 2015. This camera combines interchangeable lens camera image quality with smartphone operations for a new, enjoyable photography experience using apps.

The Olympus Air is a camera with new concept that provides intuitive controls for shooting, image manipulation, and uploads to social networking services through a linked smartphone. The popularity of posting to social networking services and other uses has increased the frequency of capturing photos to previously incomparable levels, thereby increasing the number of users who feel that photos are an intimate part of their lives. On the other hand, rather than just having photos as a simple way to remember events, the demand for high-quality photos, in other words, interchangeable lens camera quality, is also increasing.

The Olympus Air was developed to meet the needs of this type of user, and provide an enhanced shooting experience and degree of freedom in the new concept "AIR". To capture creative photos on traditional cameras, specialized shooting knowledge and complex camera settings were necessary. However, with the Olympus Air A01, those difficult settings are done away with by smartphone apps and smartphone controls that make it easy to capture exactly the kind of shot you have in mind.

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