Wirelessly Collect and Protect Every Digital Photo with Bevy

Wirelessly Collect and Protect Every Digital Photo with Bevy

Posted March 23, 2015 at 6:05pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Lineage Labs, a Boston based firm recently introduced Bevy, the only product designed to solve the digital disorder that exists for today’s families. Bevy is a small in-home connected device that collects, organizes and protects digital photos and videos taken by any family member on a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera. Bevy collects photos and videos the moment they are taken or on-demand. All family members connect to their Bevy via the free Bevy mobile app. With Bevy, all of a family’s digital memories can be effortlessly enjoyed and shared anytime, from anywhere.

Bevy was designed to provide a seamless digital photo and video experience for an entire extended family. There are no limitations on number of users; any number of family members can be associated with a single Bevy. Through the Bevy mobile app, each family member can use Bevy based on their personal preferences, without the hassle of having to log into separate online accounts. In addition, Bevy is not limited to wireless devices; the Bevy in-home device can store and protect content from many sources including digital cameras, SD cards, computers, and USB flash drives.

With all content stored in Bevy and readily available to share and enjoy, families no longer need to incur data charges by sharing content with one another, or waste valuable storage space on their mobile devices. Today’s digital files are often scattered throughout devices, on old computers, hard drives and elsewhere. And families face the risk of a loss, through malfunction or destruction or simple misplacement. With Bevy, all photos and videos are in a single place, secured either with in-home USB backup (at no additional charge) or secure cloud backup (for an additional fee).

“In families today almost everyone takes countless photos and video on multiple devices – yet there is no simple solution designed with the family in mind that enables you to collect, organize, protect and enjoy these precious memories,” said Firdaus Bhathena, chief executive officer, Lineage Labs. “Unfortunately, most of these photos stay scattered all over the place and are lost to time, forgotten, or worse, destroyed. And the process of managing them is haphazard and frustrating. Bevy was invented to solve this, to give families a rich, complete visual record of their lives, with no hassle, so they can spend more time sharing and enjoying their memories.”

The in-home Bevy device is sleek, with a brushed aluminum exterior and a black glass top. All content is stored within Bevy, inside the family home. This creates a safe barrier against large-scale internet security threats, while mitigating the privacy concerns associated with web or cloud-based storage services.

The Bevy app gives each family member a personalized experience, with individual profiles and customized privacy settings. Teenagers – prolific content creators who often prioritize privacy – can set their profile to their comfort level. Grandparents can watch images and videos of their children and grandchildren to their heart’s content. Moms and dads can relieve themselves of the hassle of capturing and sorting the family’s visual content. Bevy handles everything.

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