Taurus First 24 Survival Kit

Taurus First 24 Survival Kit

Posted April 6, 2015 at 5:57pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Taurus recently introduced a one of a kind survival kit that is designed to assist you for the first 24 hours of a horrific catastrophe, the First 24 Judge Kit - performance enhanced by AimPro Tactical.

Today is a day of uncertainty. Having a plan and being prepared is essential for surviving any type of situation. The First 24 Judge Kit is an emergency survival tool that contains items that could improve the chances of the owner and its family’s survival. No one can predict when a disaster will happen, one thing is for sure, and that is Taurus’ First 24 Judge kit will be there and do what it's intended to do.

The Taurus AimPro-tuned Judge is the perfect firearm choice offering the flexibility of .45 LC/.410 capabilities and reloading is quick and simple with two Bianchi Speed Strips. The Hogue Mono-grip offers the control and confidence needed when a user’s life is shaken to its core. Just the look of the tan X-COAT finished Judge is enough to generate intimidation.

The First 24 Judge kit has a flat dark earth colored I-Series SKB case. Inside are tools that will assist in your first 24 hours of a disaster. The CRKT Sting knife is a dependable item to be used as a self-defense and/or cutting tool. The Brite-Strike ELPI is a brilliant, 160 lumen flashlight with an on/off/strobe mode which can distract and disorient an attacker. Brite-Strike APALS are incredible waterproof lighting/marking devices with adhesive backings that can be placed anywhere. The APALS have a run time of 80+ hours, can be seen up to ½ mile, and have three modes - fast strobe, slow strobe, and on/off. Fire is an important tool for both mental and physical survival. Therefore, the First 24 Judge contains the Zippo Fire Starter which uses a simple flint wheel to spark water resistant waxed tinder sticks that are included and stored in a waterproof case. The First 24 Judge kit also comes with six AA batteries on a SlimLine Caddy, a Suunto compass and twenty feet of 550 Para cord. All of the items are secured in laser cut foam for exact fitting. Protect those you love and survive the unspeakable with the First 24 Judge kit at your side.

● Taurus Judge (XCOAT Tan) .45 Colt/.410
● AimPro Tactical Enhancement Package
● I-Series SKB Case (FDE)
● Bianchi Speed Strips-Qty 2
● CRKT Sting (FDE) with Sheath
● Brite-Strike ELPI (FDE)
● Brite-Strike APALS (green/red/white) 1 of each color
● Hogue Inc. Mono-grip
● Zippo Fire Starter kit
● Suunto Compass
● Energizer batteries (AA)-Qty 6
● Slim Line caddy for batteries
● 550 Para cord bundle (20ft)

Custom tuned action and trigger, chamfer barrel and cylinder chambers, jeweled hammer and trigger, slight melt (dehorned) on frame, blended ejector, fiber optic front sight, X-Coat exclusive custom shadow camo, confirmed timing, test fired for function, cleaned and lubricated.

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