Helle Temagami Carbon Knife

Helle Temagami Carbon Knife

Posted May 26, 2015 at 6:05pm
by Yoav Levytam
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The semi-full tang provides the extra strength associated with bushcraft knives. The triple laminated carbon steel tang is exposed on the top and pommel end, but is covered by the wood of the handle on the finger side. This protects the fingers from direct contact with the steel in cold weather. The blade is made of triple laminated carbon steel that provides excellent edge holding toughness and ease for sharpening. The handle has a bit of a finger guard to help keep your hand off the edge when slippery. The handle shape on the updated version of the Temagami CA allows a better control of the knife when holding in more positions. The Temagami CA comes with a Scandinavian style pouch sheath retains the knife securely without the need for snaps or straps.

Helle knives are designed to retain their sharpness as a lifelong outdoors companion. But it is still important to take care of your knife and its sheath.

The Handle. Dry the handle with a soft cloth if wet and wax occasionally.

The Sheath. The leather needs to be impregnated occasionally with colourless impregnation agent (grease or wax) to keep supple. Dry the sheath carefully in room temperature if it becomes wet.

The Blade. Wipe the blade with a soft cloth if wet and treat with grease occasionally.

Use a diamond tool or a wet stone for sharpening. Place the knife bevel flat to the sharpening tool and work the entire blade. Work one side until you can feel a slight burr on the opposite side. Switch side and repeat the procedure until you feel the burr on the first side. You have now established an edge.

Remove the burr by stroking the blade gently over the sharpening surface on both sides, as if cutting very thin slices. Keep the bevel flat towards the sharpener and move from side to side until the burr is gone.

If the blade is very dull or damaged, use a fine-grained grindstone and plenty of water and sharpen until you have a raw edge. Use much cooling liquid and never sharpen on a dry stone. A hot-ground edge looses its heat treatment and ruins the blade.

● A handmade handle using Curly Birch, Antler and leather
● Triple layered laminated stainless steel blade
● Each knife includes a custom full grain leather sheath
● Dimensions: Drop point blade 89 mm / 3.5 inches Handle 112 mm / 4.41 inches
● Weight: 5.0 oz total / 3.0 oz knife only

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