BomBoard Reinvents the Jet Ski at a Reasonable Price

BomBoard Reinvents the Jet Ski at a Reasonable Price

Posted July 28, 2015 at 1:40pm
by Yoav Levytam
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BomBoard reinvents the jet ski to attract millions of action sports enthusiasts: “I had observed how today’s generation of action sports enthusiasts enjoyed the adrenalin rush of riding a high performance jet ski, but the majority of them didn’t have easy access to these machines” said John West, the founder of BomBoard and a passionate watercraft enthusiast. He went on to say “my mission became to reinvent the traditional jet ski so that it would be both affordable and useable by todays new generation of enthusiasts and to provide a hassle free buying and service experience that would allow them to enjoy a performance watercraft close to home”

Modularity allows easy transport and storage: The Company recognized that a major barrier to jet ski ownership was the hassles of transport and storage. To eliminate those barriers the company invented the world’s only modular jet ski! In less than 60 seconds the Bomboard can be disassembled or assembled into four easily transported and stored modules. Those separate modules can even fit in the back of a compact car, completely eliminating the need for a trailer. As John West said, “The BomBoard’s modularity is a true game changer in the high performance watercraft industry. Ridership is no longer limited to people living on the water. Now even millions of city dwellers can become enthusiasts.”

Breaking the affordability barrier: The Company also determined the product needed to be priced in the $3,000 to $4,000 range to make it attainable for a large number of today’s young, limited budget riders. They achieved their breakthrough $3,495 price by utilizing new materials and drastically reducing the size and weight of the product compared to traditional jet ski’s. The BomBoard’s small size and light weight had the added benefit of deeply involving the rider in the maneuvering of the machine. Small shifts in the rider’s weight instantly translate into g-force maneuvers on the water that greatly enhances the thrills and excitement.

Kick-ass performance: “We shrank the size, weight and price of the Bomboard, but we didn’t shrink the adrenalin rush of going fast, over 40 mph, only inches from the water’s surface.” stated John West. “Performance is all about power to weight and at 150 lbs. the BomBoard is like a pocket rocket go-kart for the water!

Going out of stealth mode to attract investors: In closing West said: “We worked in stealth mode for a number of years until we had a working prototype that met all the criteria that would appeal to masses of action sport enthusiasts. We are now becoming more visible to solicit final product input from potential BomBoarders and to attract a group of qualified partners and investors that would like to become part of the revolutionary new Powered Action Watersport, BomBoarding.

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