Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station

Posted September 24, 2015 at 2:51pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Janulus has launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring 4 new types of “Trinity the Portable Wind Turbine Power Stations”. Trinity can be used to charge your USB gadgets (smartphones, cameras, tablets, etc.) and to lower your energy cost by mounting it to your home.

The Trinity comes in 4 sizes to fit all your power needs. It’s light weight and easy to set up system truly makes it the world’s first portable and user friendly wind turbine on the market. Trinity comes with a 50, 400, 1,000 and 2,500W (watts) generators, from 7,500 to 300,000 mAh Li-ion batteries, weighing only from 650g (1.4 lbs.).

Trinity folds together into a cylinder making it easy to carry and travel with. Setting up the Trinity is very easy by simply pulling out the blades and arrange the legs in either a tripod configuration or laid flat depending on the circumstances. Trinity offers two different blade setting for better harnessing lower and higher wind speeds.

Trinity has water resistance patent pending plugs to charge any USB devices. On the larger versions of Trinity you’ll also find 110V/220V wall plugs that can be used as a power source or to feed power right into homes or RV’s power grid. Trinity features a LED screen that displays battery status and settings.

Trinity can work great with electric cars where owners are out of reach of conventional source of power or are opting for a cleaner way to charge their car. Trinity will give the comfort of charging electric cars anywhere with the option of folding it and fitting it into the trunk.

The short battery life of most phones and tablets can be really frustrating but with the help of Trinity you have the freedom to charge your USB devices anywhere in the world with sustainable, clean energy.

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