Kaufmann and Mercantile Soft Leather Weekender Bag

Kaufmann and Mercantile Soft Leather Weekender Bag

Posted December 7, 2015 at 4:18pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Kaufmann and Mercantile's handmade Soft Leather Weekender arrives looking and feeling like a well-loved heirloom. This is no coincidence: the bag's designer and maker Stephen Kenn intended for his pieces to be passed down to future generations.

All the edges are finished on a burnishing wheel, creating smooth trims and a lightly worn-in effect. The reverse, or “flesh side,” of the soft leather is first stained with an olive drab tone, then finished with hot wax. This special treatment not only helps the bag to retain its shape without the aid of any cardboard or plastic stabilizers, it also eliminates the need for a lining – usually the first thing to get dirty or torn.

The heavy-duty zipper is made by Riri, a zipper and textile manufacturer widely respected in the fashion and accessories worlds. The bottom features a heavier, five-ounce leather to better withstand regular wear and tear. All seams are sewn using bonded nylon thread with a singed and melted finish, leaving no loose ends during your weekend getaway or on longer trips.

There are no pockets on the inside of the weekender. Instead, the maker encourages people to use soft, zip-top organizers. The idea behind this bag-within-a-bag concept is to extend the life cycle of the bag, as it will get worn in, rather than worn out.

The design of this weekender was inspired by minimal mid-century designs and World War II, in particular the Swiss mule belt, a type of strapping used by the Swiss army to secure supplies onto workhorses.

The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

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