PhotoFast iOS microSD Card Reader

PhotoFast iOS microSD Card Reader

Posted December 16, 2015 at 4:53pm
by Yoav Levytam
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PhotoFast has announced their iOS Card Reader. The PhotoFast iOS Card Reader, built with a Lightning connector, offers the power to store, transfer, stream and back-up data from a microSD card so you can access your photos, videos and songs anytime, anywhere. It can be plugged directly into an iOS iPhone or iPad, enabling people on-the-go to quickly access, transfer and store up to 128GB of extra storage on your Apple device.

Most importantly, the barrier of accessibility derived from transferring data from an Android to an Apple device has been overcome by the iOS Card Reader. With this new device, Android users switching to an iPhone can easily transfer all their data without the need to access iCloud by file sharing via microSD.

The iOS Card Reader is supported by PhotoFast’s i-FlashDrive ONE app. Unlike other storage apps, this intuitive, user-friendly app – updated for the last 6 years - includes a variety of rich online and offline capabilities. Users can store and back-up data from cloud-based services such as iCloud, Google Drive and DropBox, as well as popular social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. The i-FlashDrive ONE app also offers enhanced security and file management features, including a USB accessory lock and app lock supported by Touch ID.

"It is an honor to bring the PhotoFast iOS Card Reader, our smallest and most powerful card reader, to the market," said Mr. Warren Wang, CEO of PhotoFast. "The reason we manufactured a microSD reader is that it consumes less power from iPhone than an SD card. By using microSD card we are able to share and exchange files with microSD compatible phones (Android/Windows)” Mr. Wang added: “We are a very proud and humble team who strives to design innovative products that enhance the usability of Apple devices. We adapt to the ever changing technology landscape and make Apple devices even better.”

The PhotoFast iOS Card Reader is available with up to 128GB capacity, and with retail prices for the reader beginning at only $39.99.

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