Hoodworks GearGate: A Replacement Pickup Tailgate System

Hoodworks GearGate: A Replacement Pickup Tailgate System

by Yoav
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If innovation refers to the improvement of a product, what do we call an innovation so radical that it requires the complete reimagining of a product such that it no longer resembles the item it replaced? At Hoodworks they call it GearGate. GearGate is a fundamental departure from the tailgates we have come to know over the last 70 years. It is not your grandfather’s tailgate.

The Hoodworks GearGate is a revolutionary replacement tailgate system that works like a swiss army knife. GearGate features base functionality including a recessed waterproof toolbox, multi-directional LED lighting, bottle opener, and retractable chain locks. The system can deploy a variety of useful additional features, each one optimized for specific outdoor activities.

The first GearGate, called the GearGate Cycling Comp One (GGS-CC1), is specially conceived for the needs of cyclists and includes innovative storage and locking solutions for three complete road or mountain bikes. An upcoming GearGate Cycling Elite will hold more bikes, more wheels, and have a hidden repair stand and air compressor to cater to the demands of the highest level users. In all, Hoodworks has developed over forty GearGate specialized activity areas (see partial list below), many of which have multiple models with increasing levels of functionality (Comp, Pro, Elite).

The Hoodworks GearGate is more than a useful tool, it is domestically designed and manufactured with an ethos guided by craftsmanship and ingenuity. Hoodworks’ goal is to make each gate as desirable, recognizable, and functional as a Leatherman multi-tool. Hoodworks understands the pride pickup owners have in their vehicles and has positioned the GearGate to enhance the usefulness and visual impact of their trucks in a way that can play well with other truck accessories such as bumpers and bars.

The GearGate is a completely new and innovative product. Sometimes that newness can make it difficult to figure out where to focus. Realizing this, Hoodworks is working to enhance the customer’s ability to get their perfect GearGate with the best features for what they do outdoors.

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