DT Smart Putting Training Aid

DT Smart Putting Training Aid

Posted August 16, 2016 at 6:36pm
by Yoav Levytam
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After raising more than $8,000 on the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Website, long-time Maryland golfer and inventor Dmitriy Advolodkin will continue sales of his unique DT Smart Putting Training Aid on his company's website.

Writers with top golf magazines gave high marks when reviewing the DT Smart Putter, a slope-detecting putter that helps golfers with reading greens to develop a more precise putting stroke.

"I've been excited and encouraged by the feedback we received from writers who took samples of the DT Putter out on the golf course to try it for themselves," Advolodkin said. "By using this training aid over time, any golfer who has struggled judging the slope of the green in the past will see their putting improve."

As a long-time golfer, Advolodkin says he got the original idea for the training aid from his own personal challenges with putting and the difficulty he had figuring out how putting greens would break and where the slopes and bends were on the approach to the hole.

"When I went to read up on how to improve my putting, I realized there was really no affordable tool out there that was really helpful," he said. "That led me to create the first prototype of the DT putter, which worked really well. Now, I can read the slopes really well without using the training aid, which is something I believe most golfers will discover after practicing their putting with it."

Advolodkin notes that the DT Putter is a training aid only and cannot be used in competition play.

For more information and to order the DT Smart Putting Training Aid, please click on the buy link below.

● Learn to read putting green slopes and improve your precision
● Smooth balance for a controlled and easy putt
● Stainless steel pearl white finish for a great contrast against the greens
● DT Smart Putter Head Cover Included

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