Nexo Tires & Ever Tires: Puncture-Proof Bike Tires

Nexo Tires & Ever Tires: Puncture-Proof Bike Tires

Posted November 9, 2016 at 6:26pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Offering Cyclists freedom from flat tires, the creators of Nexo Tires and Ever Tires have announced the launch of their new air-less, tube-less tires on Kickstarter.

Nexo Tires Co-Founder Dave Ballard, one of three biking evangelists who has operated Utah’s Noble Cycling for seven years, says they’ve serviced “literally thousands of flat tires” at their bike store and they wanted to find a solution for their customers.

“Nothing ruins a bike ride or commute faster than a flat, and flats can cost between $15 and $30 to fix, so to save our customers money and the frustration of a flat, we created a better solution,” Ballard said. “We believe Ever Tires and Nexo Tires will be something every cyclist will want once they hear about them.”

Ballard adds that using the new tires also means that casual bikers won’t have to hunt for an air pump, or walk or drive their bikes to the nearest gas station the next time they use their bikes after they’ve been sitting idle for a while.

Nexo Tires are rated for up to 5,000 kilometers and Ever Tires are rated for travel up to 5,000 miles (equal to riding across the United States and back). Both Ever Tires (developed for casual riders, comfort riders, cruisers and kids’ bikes) and Nexo Tires (developed for discerning bike enthusiasts who prefer hybrids, commuters, road bikes and folding bikes) are air-less and tube-less.

Ever Tires can be installed in five minutes or less, and are lighter than traditional tires, making them easier to handle and install.

Ballard said they created Nexo Tires, which can be added to existing rims, because “these riders are more particular about their equipment.” Nexo Tires are installed using a patented ‘T-bolt’ technology, and take about 15 minutes to secure.

Nexo Tires are available in 20", 26", 27.5", 700 x 24c and 700 x 35c sizes, while Ever Tires are available for tire sizes ranging from 12” to 26” and 700 x 24c.

Ballard notes that both puncture-proof products are also eco-friendly, using less material and creating less waste – and the long-lasting tires are easy to recycle, unlike common bike tires that sit in landfills for generations.

Ever/Nexo Tire backers are being offered early bird specials starting at just $75 during crowdfunding. For more information, visit the Ever Tires/Nexo Tires Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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