SYLVANIA Smart Multicolor A19 Bulb With Apple HomeKit Support

SYLVANIA Smart Multicolor A19 Bulb With Apple HomeKit Support

Posted December 29, 2016 at 12:34am
by Desire This
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The recently announced SYLVANIA Smart Multicolor A19 bulb works with Apple HomeKit and doesn't require a separate hub.

Installation is easy. All you need to do is screw in the Bluetooth-enabled bulb in your favorite lamp, sync it with the Home app, and start controlling your lights. The Home app allows users to control all HomeKit accessories in one place, including lights, temperature, locks, garage doors, scenes and more.

“For more than a century, consumers have looked to the brand SYLVANIA for innovation, and this announcement represents another exciting advancement,” said Aaron Ganick, who heads up the Smart Home Americas group at LEDVANCE. “For us, making the Smart Home a reality for consumers is all about quality products and strong partnerships with leaders in the industry. By working with Apple to provide smart lighting that works directly with the Home app, we’re making it easier for Apple enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate quality lighting into their Smart Home, bringing convenience and simplicity to their daily lives.”

Apple makes it possible to control HomeKit-enabled products like the SYLVANIA Smart Multicolor A19 bulb when away from the house using an Apple TV or iPad running iOS 10 as a home hub. The Home app can also be used to set lighting scenes and combine activities with various HomeKit-enabled devices. For example, turning on the lights, unlocking the front door and turning on the heat can be accomplished simply by speaking voice commands to Siri such as, “I’m on my way home.”

You'll be able to purchase the smart bulb on Amazon early next year.

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