Slide Retrofit Smart Curtain System

Slide Retrofit Smart Curtain System

Posted December 30, 2016 at 10:51pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Introducing Slide, the first retrofit smart curtain system that automates homeowners’ existing horizontal curtains using wireless connectivity and integration with smart home platforms. Slide takes two minutes to install and still allows individuals to move their curtains by hand or by using the Slide App.

The Slide App allows users to open and close their curtains via their smartphone, as well as choose if they want to close a single curtain or multiple curtains. Individuals can even set how far apart their curtains should be opened according to their personal preference. Timers can also be turned on via the mobile app to open and close curtains at fixed times, such as sunrise and sunset. Slide has the ability to support up to eight user devices per house, so everyone can be in charge.

“We saw a lack of affordable, smart devices that motorize the curtains people already have in a way that’s simple and efficient,” said co-creator Thijs Olthof. “Today, it’s all about smart home technology, which is why we decided to create Slide. Not only is it incredibly easy to use and install, it works with virtually all existing horizontal curtains and can easily connect with IFTTT to customize your experience.”

Since windows are the most poorly insulated part of a house, Slide can use geofencing technology to automatically close a homeowners’ curtains when everyone leaves the house and open them when someone comes home. This technology allows the curtains to keep houses and apartments cool during the summer and preserve heat during colder winter months.

Using mesh technology, individuals can connect multiple slides to their home network, which will allow for easy grouping of Slides per room. The mobile app also features a holiday mode that lets an individual input their vacation time so that Slide can open and close their curtains at randomized times to keep potential intruders from thinking the house is empty. Instead of curtains opening and closing at the exact same time while users are gone, Slide can randomize the times that they open or close to make the suggestion that someone is home more believable. By using the If This Then That (IFTTT) platform, users can pair Slide with Amazon Echo, Google Home, which includes voice control capabilities, and hundreds of other smart home systems.

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