Frauscher Shipyard and TIMELESS Present a Limited Edition Frauscher 1414 Demon

Frauscher Shipyard and TIMELESS Present a Limited Edition Frauscher 1414 Demon

Posted March 2, 2017 at 6:14pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Both companies have an elegant and passionate style, which is clearly showcased in the TIMELESS Ocean Club. The TIMELESS LUXURY GROUP specializes in luxury real estate and other products in the luxury sector, and will be collaborating with the Frauscher Shipyard on watercraft in the future as well.

Clear, Timeless Design and Unique Lines
Ocean Club is the first TIMELESS YACHTS branded model, and will take the form of a limited edition of the 1414 Demon from the Frauscher Shipyard with a production batch of no more than seven units. The TIMELESS designers wanted to transpose the feel-good atmosphere of a luxury property onto an exclusive boat. In keeping with the brand's style, the Ocean Club combines clear lines with innovative functions and exclusive elements. Working with Frauscher, they have created a boat with one-of-a-kind features, meeting the highest quality and endurance standards.

On the outside, the 14 meter yacht features a spacious lounge with a sizable bathing platform and sunbathing area, a well-equipped bar and a barbecue. The interior of the yacht includes a generous bath, a kitchenette, an elegant lounge and sleeping facilities for up to four people, with ample headroom.
The limited edition's design has a truly timeless elegance. High-quality materials were selected and installed with close attention to detail. Thomas Gerzer, Frauscher's development head, used his far-ranging expertise to implement this design down to the last detail both inside and outside. This harmonic interaction of passion and skill has characterized the cooperation with the Frauscher Shipyard and TIMELESS from the very beginning, and this boat is the extraordinary outcome.

Limited Edition with Many one-of-a-Kind Features
Quality and durability are extremely important to TIMELESS. High-quality Esthec is used on the entire deck instead of normal teak wood. This material will keep its color for years and is very durable, while also allowing for enormous freedom in design. A unique graphic was developed for the Limited Edition, using classic lines while at the same time providing a deck with a clear, modern look. The fine metallic finish highlights the elegant proportions and details of the yacht. The interior material and color concepts were developed by borrowing from the language of TIMELESS properties, and convey a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.

Inside, leather-upholstered tables, a Corian kitchen with moor oak fronts, as well as bulkhead partitions lacquered and upholstered with leather round off the high-quality interior fittings. The focus of the outdoor lounge is the sturdy, individually designed Corian table, whose surface can be expanded in a few simple steps to serve dinner. Another innovation is the integration of newly patented magnetic glasses: concealed metal surfaces both inside and out mean that passengers have a non-slip and secure surface to rest their drinks and cocktails.

"After we got to know each other and could see what TIMELESS was capable of, we decided to work together to market our Limited Edition of the 1414 Demon," said Stefan Frauscher, commenting on the collaboration. "Frauscher stands for excellent craftsmanship and high quality work, values our partners at TIMELESS also appreciate, making implementation of the project a pleasure. In addition, we were able to discover new methods for selecting materials with our partner, thus helping us both advance in our development."

Jana Zechmeister and Stephan Everwin, chief designers at TIMELESS, described working with Frauscher Shipyard: "A lot went into this project. The collaboration was very inspiring and we shared common ground immediately. Frauscher Shipyard is a partner that shares our design, functional and quality requirements and is open to new ideas. Such synchronicity does not come along every day and we were so happy to find it."

"We found Frauscher Shipyard an excellent and utterly reliable boat building partner, sharing both in our quality philosophy and the passion we put into all of our projects. The pleasant and competent team provided excellent support from the very start. We are looking forward to providing our customers with unforgettable moments on the water on board an extraordinary yacht," says Michael Gössl, CEO of TIMELESS LUXURY GROUP.

Starting in March 2017, the yacht will be launched from the exclusive marina at Port Adriano in Mallorca, Spain, and can be chartered by the day or week.

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