Sled Legs

Sled Legs

Posted March 1, 2017 at 5:25pm
by Yoav Levytam
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The founders of sledlegs never stopped being kids. Simple fun drove this invention. With a desire to break away from the daily grind, the founders started experimenting with new ways to have fun in the snow. After several ideas and prototype iterations, they landed on sled legs.

Sledlegs was born out of necessity. Necessity to have fun without paying a fortune for lift tickets and gear. Necessity to have fun when you are short on time. Necessity to have fun with your kids at the local sledding hill. They took their favorite childhood past time, and amped it up a few notches!

Sled Legs are easy to learn and anyone can master them in a few runs. The low center of gravity makes it harder to catch an edge;but the highly engineered sleds allow you to apply edge pressure to quickly turn and carve.

Secured to your legs, you can climb the face of the most severe snow hill hands free. Cut outs in the sleds make it easy to walk or run with the Sled Legs in place. Through the woods and into the most remote hills in the back 40. When you get to the top, run and slingshot yourself down the hill for that extra speed.

How much fun you have is up do you!

● Make winter fun again with Sled Legs!
● Easy to transport, simple to use
● Simplicity of sledding with control of skis
● Designed for riders 5' or taller and up to 250lbs (ages 13+)
● Made in Canada

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