Hypar Folding Kayak

Hypar Folding Kayak

Posted March 21, 2017 at 9:33pm
by Yoav Levytam
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HYPAR is a modular SmartBoat that can be rapidly transformed from a kayak into a rowing, sailing or even solar powered motor boat. Its innovative hull shape ensures excellent speed and stability whilst the ground-breaking "folding" design enables instant transformation from boat to backpack in less than 3 minutes… Portability and storage have never been so simple!

When folded, HYPAR is designed to be carried as a backpack that weighs less than 8kg, and thanks to its modest dimensions HYPAR fits into most cars and storage locations and is even suitable for airline luggage.

The perfectly streamlined, sleek hull is bordered by hard "chine" running from the sharp wave-piercing bow to the wide stern. The HYPAR profile provides exceptional hydrodynamic properties culminating in ultra-low drag, perfect course holding and impressive form stability.

The HYPAR concept began with the unique shape of the hull which is designed around two counterpoised Hyperbolic-Paraboloids, hence the name HYPAR. This form resembles the water surface when pierced by a moving object. The angle and shape of HYPAR matches with water wake patterns thereby improving performance by reducing drag, optimizing stability and enhancing control.

HYPAR is well suited for several environments from open sea to narrow streams and it can survive in gail wind and breaking wave situations despite possessing an elegant and modern profile. Outdoor sport enthusiasts can quickly and conveniently enjoy urban water environments during short breaks in an overloaded schedule - such is the compact design of the product.

The HYPAR concept is also approved by champions. Jochen Lettmann Olympic world kayak champion tested the HYPAR kayak at the Dusseldorf boat show. HYPAR's design team collaborated with Lettmann GmbH in order to produce the best results that might be demanded of such a product by sporting enthusiasts. Furthermore, Australian fluid dynamics engineer and PhD Dr. Louis Mittoni assisted with tuning the HYPAR design for improved efficiency via slight modifications to the geometry in order to ameliorate boundary layer drag and through reduction of other drag and fluid dynamic separation effects.

The HYPAR design team has also been working in very close collaboration with DS Smith plastics France, a leading European plastics manufacturer, to develop the most suitable material for the hull which is both lightweight and sufficiently robust. During this collaboration DS Smith introduced a new "custom" Akyboard advanced polypropylene material specifically adapted for marine conditions and the unique design aspects of the HYPAR kayak.

DS Smith have also become extensively involved in the manufacturing process of HYPAR, including help to establish a revolutionary recycling policy. HYPAR hull is expected to be supported by life-long protection due to material failure. Damaged hulls will with material failures shall be replaced, with only a small fee charged to cover transportation and recycling.

The crowdfunding campaign for HYPAR Kayak shall commence on Indiegogo in the middle of April.

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