G-RO Carry On Bag

G-RO Carry On Bag

Posted April 3, 2017 at 4:40pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Unlike any of its predecessors, G-RO is a unique companion bag that provides an attractive and ergonomic solution to the needs of today's mobile people, whether they're traveling around the block or around the globe. Travel-Light simultaneously launched a Kickstarter campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring G-RO to the world.

G-RO's designers realized that the needs of today's on-the-go people were not being met. Travelers today need a bag that rolls over rough surfaces as easily as it glides through an airport terminal. Constant connection to our devices creates a need to charge them on the go. With travelers and commuters getting older and people traveling with more electronics-related weight, a lighter-feeling and more ergonomic bag is a must-have. People often combine work and pleasure on trips and want a bag that keeps these parts of their lives together, but separate. Lastly, with airlines making checked bags more expensive, travelers are asking for more spacious carry-ons. With this in mind, Travel-Light embarked on a mission to design luggage for today's dynamic, on-the-go traveler.

Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, G-RO luggage successfully addresses the problems faced by today's travelers in areas of mobility, convenience, comfort, ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics to deliver a superior luggage system, unmatched by most other competitive products.

A Reinvented Wheel - G-RO's large diameter wheels enable travelers to easily wheel the luggage on rugged surfaces and terrain, such as gravel, street curbs, cobblestone, snow and icy sidewalks.

Strength and Durability – G-RO has strong wheels with the highest durability in the market. The luggage's unique wheel design eliminates wear-outs, deterioration and breaking due to collisions or mishandling.

Comfort – G-RO's wheel size and positioning make pulling it easy and hassle-free. Because of their large diameter, the wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so G-RO feels significantly lighter than a bag of similar weight with small wheels. G-RO also has a longer and stronger handle for easy control and comfort.

Spacious Interior – Its dual compartment system maximizes luggage capacity and keeps work items organized separately from personal items.

Power On-the-Go – G-RO's Optional Electronic Module contains a high-powered battery capable of charging a smartphone 10x. The module is also equipped with a location tracker and proximity detector.

Manufacturability – Although G-RO's design is unique, the bag was designed in collaboration with some of the most advanced luggage manufacturers in the world to ensure that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. This greatly reduces the start-up costs associated with bringing this product to market and disrupts the industry's typical conservative approach to luggage innovation.

Travel-Light CEO Netta Shalgi said, "Kickstarter is the ideal platform to launch G-RO. This is a new product, a new company and a new way of bringing it to the world. By supporting G-RO on Kickstarter, people can be a part of the innovation process and directly affect the outcome of this launch."

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