Bob Grillson's Wood Pellet BBQ

Bob Grillson's Wood Pellet BBQ

Posted February 26, 2013 at 2:43pm
by Yoav
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If you dislike unhealthy grease fire when barbecuing, you will be crazy about Bob. Bob offers a large barbecuing surface which allows 100 % healthy barbecuing without loss of performance. You can barbecue with Bob very comfortably, similar to a gas grill. Bob burns clean wooden pellets and even stays very clean afterwards since it auto-cleans himself from typical barbecuing remains.

Bob's unique taste comes from high quality hard wooden pellets and well-proven American barbecue quality. When the pellets burn, a layer of embers of about 2 cms is established on the bars. The layer of embers produces wood gas which accumulates in any case of wood burning. This wood gas is then aspired by the underpressure and burnt with the aid of the oxygen supply of the jet of air. This hot combustion air reaches the diffusor via the exhaust pipe.

The diffuser is heated by the hot air of up to 1,300 °C. The hot iron sheet of the diffuser delivers radiant heat into the combustion chamber. Additionally, the hot combustion air escapes through the slots in the lower area of the diffuser. This is how convection occurs in the grilling chamber, similar to a hot air baking oven.

A clear, straight structure, first-class manufacturing quality and the use of high quality material joint with well-proportioned curves and a precise line layout lead to a top quality and emotionally attractive all-over image.

● clean & comfortable
● fantastic barbecue taste
● healthy & safe barbecuing
● extraordinary
● environmentally friendly

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