Breva Génie 01 Limited Edition Wristwatch

Breva Génie 01 Limited Edition Wristwatch

Posted March 27, 2013 at 5:39pm
by Yoav
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Breva has released the Génie 01, the world’s first mechanical wristwatch with time, altimeter, barometer – for forecasting the weather – and power reserve indications. The patented proprietary movement was developed exclusively for Breva by Jean-François Mojon/Chronode.

Génie 01 is a limited edition of 55 pieces in white gold and 55 pieces in 4N pink gold. A dial side tour reveals a plethora of easy-to-read indications to keep the wearer fully informed about current time, altitude, remaining power in the mainspring, and a weather forecasting barometer.

Hours and minutes are displayed on a semi-transparent smoky-sapphire sub dial at 8 o’clock, with small seconds below 12 o’clock. A scale displaying altitude arcs around the top perimeter of the ‘dial’. Barometric pressure is indicated on a second semi-transparent smoky-sapphire sub dial at 2 o’clock, with icons providing scientifically based forecasts of likely weather conditions to come.

A 65-hour power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock is instantly recognizable thanks to its engraved compass rose – an icon found throughout Génie 01. At 6 o’clock, an anaerobic capsule measuring air pressure dominates the lower section, with another identical anaerobic capsule underneath it to maximize sensitivity to the slightest change in air pressure.

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