The PowerPot Lightweight Thermoelectric Generator

The PowerPot Lightweight Thermoelectric Generator

Posted April 10, 2013 at 7:57pm
by Yoav
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The PowerPot is a lightweight thermoelectric generator that converts heat into DC electrical power. Simply add water to the pot and place it on a heat source appropriate for boiling water. The PowerPot will immediately start powering up your mobile electronics. The PowerPot comes equipped with a standard USB (5V) port, making it compatible with devices you already have. The cable has three feet of heavy-duty, flame-resistant wire. The solid-state voltage regulator provides up to 5W of power to charge your high-tech devices.

The PowerPot gives you the power to charge your electronics anytime, in any situation. Use it in the backcountry or at home during a power outage. The PowerPot will charge cell phones, GPS units, iPods, and lithium ion batteries or will also run speakers, lights, fans, or other low-power USB appliances.

● 5 Watt Thermoelectric Generator
● Charge any small electronic device via USB
● Power on demand. Day or night, rain or shine
● Works over any heat source that boils water
● Limited Lifetime Warranty

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