The Magicstick Battery for Smartphones

The Magicstick Battery for Smartphones

Posted April 16, 2013 at 4:00pm
by Yoav
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Conveniently small, and surprisingly powerful, the Magicstick will charge your mobile devices safely and quickly when life takes you away from an electrical outlet. Grab your Magicstick when you leave the house. Its compact and lightweight size easily fits within a purse, briefcase, backpack, golf bag or pocket so you’ll never miss a call, photo opportunity or compromise your safety.

Powerocks is the best source for backup portable power on-the-go. Its 2600mAh battery capacity, gives you enough juice to fully charge most smartphones two times. Magicstick includes a Micro USB to USB connection cable for easy charging/recharging and a soft drawstring carrying bag.

● Large capacity 2600mAh portable battery keeps your cell phone or smartphone powered on-the-go.
● Smart, fashionable and convenient for travelling
● Compatible with cell phones, smartphones and media players
● 1 USB port with 5V / 1A output for rapid charging
● Recharge via the included Micro-USB charging cable

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