Pelican ProGear CE1180 Vault Series iPhone Case

Pelican ProGear CE1180 Vault Series iPhone Case

Posted April 23, 2013 at 6:49pm
by Yoav
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Few things are as beautifully engineered as a smart phone. One of them is the new Pelican ProGear Vault series phone case. Made with the same precision as your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S, the Pelican ProGear Vault case will defend your fragile device better than any other phone cover available. Currently only the ProGear Vault series case for iPhone is available, but in the near future Pelican is set to release the Samsung Galaxy S version.

● Aluminum and engineering grade polymer materials provide ultimate protection
● Slimmer and lighter than other smart phone case designs
● Elastomeric copolymer rubber absorbs shock and impact
● Full-seal design defends against wind-driven snow, rain and dust
● Aircraft grade aluminum dial and buttons for precise control
● Durable screen cover with anti-scratch technology
● Water-resistant microphone and speaker covers provide high fidelity audio
● Optical grade glass camera port
● Flush fit stainless steel hex-head machine screws (hex wrench included)

Available Color Options

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