Foldylock Premium Folding Bike Lock

Foldylock Premium Folding Bike Lock

Posted January 23, 2014 at 1:40am
by Yoav
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Foldylock is a premium folding Bike lock that easily unfolds to a 90 cm sturdy lock. When folded it is easily carried in its designated case on the bike frame or in rider’s back pack. The case can be mounted to the bike frame on the bottle holder fixing screws, or with two special designed straps. The Foldylock is designed to meets all the highest locking standards. It's made out of six hardened steel links that are covered with plastic to protect bike from scratches and with anti drilling connecting rivets.

● Ultra simple operation: no more than 30 seconds from opening to locking
● Quality: Foldylock is Rust Free
● Top quality materials:
- High quality plastic coating to protect Bicycle frame
- Hardened steel links for increased security
- Anti drilling rivets
- Anti-drilling cylinder secured in hardened steel housing

● Made out of six hardend steel links
● Easy to handle Unfolds to 90cm Sturdy lock
● Easy to Carry - In a designated case or In riders Backpack
● Case Easy Installation on water Bottle holder screws
● Case Easy Installation Using Specially designed straps

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