Electrify Every Longboard with Kickr

Electrify Every Longboard with Kickr

Posted September 30, 2013 at 6:03pm
by Yoav
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The most innovative way to enjoy the thrill of speed on a longboard... However you want! It's called Kickr because it will do some extreme kicking, on-demand. It is a modular, patent-pending, precision-machined, non-obtrusive electric drivetrain that is compatible with the average longboard as-is. With the Kickr, no re-drilling decks, no changing trucks, and no buying of proprietary core components are necessary. It will work with YOUR board to preserve the fundamentals of YOUR riding experience.

Kickr introduces new adventures, thrills, and fun, while still preserving the efficiency and insane speed you would expect from a "ready-built" e-board solution. Entry into the sport of electric longboarding has never been more practically or economically feasible than with Kickr. Get ready for the ride (pun-intended) of your life! #NOKICKING is a blast!

● Quick install and removal
● 20 miles per hour
● 1100 Watts
● 6 mile range between charges
● 2 hour charge time
● ● Lithium-ion battery pack
● CNCed from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum

$300   BUY · SAVE
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