Jet Capsule

Jet Capsule

Posted October 29, 2013 at 3:26pm
by Yoav Levytam
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After the initial presentation as a concept 5 years ago, the Jet Capsule has been proposed “live” at the 2013 Monaco Show.

Everything started from the work of an Italian group of unconventional designers and engineers, who invented a boat which is different from all others in the market.

Despite the current crisis of the nautical industry in Italy, Jet Capsule S.r.l. is expanding and claims to be the only new nautical company started in Italy in 2012. The shipyard is located in Naples and employs 30 workers. The management is optimistic and envisage to double shortly such employment figure.

The innovative Jet Capsule, which is 7,5 meters (24’6″Ft) long and 3,5 meters wide (11’5″), proposes itself as a “full custom” product; each client may customize it based on his needs and desires. The Jet Capsule customization program allows several configurations, including the one with transformable sofas, the boat taxi
with 9 large seats and a luxury version with all comforts.

The Jet Capsule is ideal for passengers transport, patrol boats or any kind of marine forces, scuba diving activities or simply “to have fun“.

Several versions are currently under development, also for ambulance and emergency purposes.

The Capsule builds-in a last generation hydro-jet system. It can be equipped with one or two engines, petrol or gasoline. The client may select among different versions: from 315 HP to 740 HP, rear automatic closing doors, sunbed, toilet, kitchen and many other features...

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