T-Fal Fresh Express Electric Food Slicer

T-Fal Fresh Express Electric Food Slicer

Posted November 27, 2013 at 5:06pm
by Yoav
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This T-Fal Fresh Express compact electric food slicer/grater is simple to use, safe, and easy to clean. It quickly grates, shreds, or slices a variety of fruit, vegetables, cheeses, and even nuts! The unit comes with 5 colour-coded cones that each serve a different purpose. Use the orange cone for fine shredding carrots, zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, chocolate, hard cheeses, and coconut; the red cone is ideal for coarse shredding vegetables, hard cheeses, chocolate, and coconut; the yellow cone makes light work of extra fine shredding Parmesan cheese, chocolate, dry bread and cookies, nuts, and coconut; use the light green cone for thin slicing fruit and vegetables for stir frys; and the dark green cone is ideal for crinkle cut slicing potatoes for fries or apples for apple crisps.

This versatile unit comes with a pusher that also acts as a storage attachment that neatly stores the cones when not in use. Food can be fed through the pusher and directly served into a bowl. The pusher has a wide mouth so that ingredients can be added easily without the need to cut them into small pieces.

● Thin slicing – cucumbers, potatoes…
● Thick Shredding – beets, cheese…
● Thin Shredding –zucchini, onion, bread crumbs…
● Wavy slicing cut – carrots, fruits…
● Grating – parmesan cheese…
● Direct Serve
● Cord storage
● Dishwasher safe
● BPA Free plastic parts

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