Square Redesigns Square Credit Card Reader

Square Redesigns Square Credit Card Reader

Posted December 9, 2013 at 7:15pm
by Yoav
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Square has released the latest generation of the pioneering credit card reader that empowers millions of people to accept credit cards. The all-new Square Reader is built with custom-designed components for better performance, easier use and an elegant, thinner design.

"We engineered purpose-built components to create both excellent performance and beautiful design, without compromise," said Jesse Dorogusker, head of Hardware at Square.

Standout features of the new Square Reader include:
● A custom magnetic readhead and spring. Thinner and more accurate than the alternatives, the readhead parses redundant data from credit cards to ensure successful swipes.

● Custom electronics in a single chip. The reader is powered by the phone into which it is plugged, eliminating the need for a bulky battery and increasing life and reliability.

● Improved communications protocols and a custom audio plug. The Square Reader is compatible with more devices than ever before.

● The thinnest mobile card reader on the market.

The new Square Reader is available today and is free to anyone that signs up for a Square account.

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